Embark On A Sacred Journey To Bali!

Are you ready to ignite a deep remembering?
A calling within to let go of old habits and open your heart to the grace and flow of spontaneous magic?

Imagine learning to open up to the higher resonances of life that are always available to you while exploring the sacred sites of Bali, working with powerful healers, and being immersed in awakening for 12 glorious days!

It sounds amazing, because it is!

I’ve been bringing small groups to Bali because the profound experiences we have during these journeys accelerate and deepen our transformations—sending us on the fast track to bliss, joy, health and abundance.

“Bali is simply magical with Ken and Nikole…there really are no words!”– Ramona C.

Magical Experiences That Last a Lifetime

During this Journey of the Heart, I will guide you step-by-step to integrate and embody the many energetic downloads and uploads that will occur during our time in Bali so you can re-enter your life at home feeling present, connected, and divinely guided.

During a journey to Bali you will:

Easily let go of what no longer serves you so you can step into a new dimension of manifestation and deep peace.

Harmonize with the energies of powerful elements and open your intuition to receive Divine guidance.

Connect with the untamed, wild part of your Natural self so you can bring humor and adventure to every aspect of your life and those around you!

Deepen your healing processes with individual attention from local healers and release illness, patterns, trauma and emotions that no longer serve your highest good.

Expand into realms beyond anything you have experienced before and feel the magic of connecting with Nature, your angles and your True Self.

What can I expect on an adventure?

We will commune in daily ceremonies, receive guidance and sessions from Balinese healers and spiritual leaders, engage in conversations and experiences that ignite awakening way beyond what you ever thought was possible.

You will leave your old self behind and walk away with your highest self revealed, ready to step into your own beautiful reality filled with purpose and destiny.

You will feel renewed, alive and ready to take on life from a whole new perspective.

It’s an initiation to more of YOU.

“I was able to quiet a part of myself and my heart feels very, very open. It has been an amazing feeling that I have not had in a long time. I feel like, for the first time in my life, I have a new relationship with my body.” Donna A.

Breakthroughs & Deeper Insights Await!

Bali provides the perfect backdrop for deeper insights into areas of your life such as:

How do you allow your heart to be your ally and friend throughout your life?

How do you listen to and act on your knowing?

Remembering who you are in your essence.

New tools to support stress relief and relaxation.

What magic has been squelched in you that you can invite back?

What stories is your Soul wanting to tell?

What energies would you like to shape as your life?

What gifts does the Earth Mother have for you that you haven’t seen or received?

What is no longer working for you that is waiting to be released?

“Thank you! Thank you Nikole and Ken for hosting the most EPIC Healing Adventure in Bali. I highly recommend it to anyone that is ready to take their life to the next octave and would like to do it with beauty, earth blessings and sweet ease!” – Pamela Dawn Butters

Not Your Typical Bali Vacation

This exceptional journey provides the opportunity for total immersion into the beautiful Balinese culture.

Because of my dear friend, Ken Ballard, who I co-lead each Journey with, we are able to experience Bali in a way not available to the average Western tourist.

Because of Ken’s 40-year relationship and connection with Bali we are privileged to experience something casual tourists cannot receive. He has rare access to places and local healers that are unknown to the masses.

During this adventure, you will receive healing work and enjoy traditional Balinese ceremonies with Ken’s healing family. These individuals are hidden and rare gems of Bali and do not typically work with Western people.

Allow your heart to guide your travel dreams and join us on a journey beyond your wildest imaginings!