Nikole Kadel Swimming Underwater

Meet Nikole

Nikole Kadel is a wonderment guide and natural healer. She supports others to journey deep within to uncover their miraculous self. Her clients get to live in a world where they have reverence for their own essence & beauty and see that reflected in the world. Her willingness to live in wonderment has brought her abundant experiences that most would say could only occur in imagination. It is her joy to share these very real possibilities with others.

She invites, “Let me be your guide to the realization of our Earth as the Heaven Planet it is! You can live in a world of joy, connectedness, cooperation and peace.”

The essence of Nikole is one of dance, play, high vibrational resonance and a deep sense of knowing that we all have the capacity to be beacons of light. She’s been shown how to tap into that place of all-potential and harmony and let it work through her for the benefit of her clients. Her clients have experienced new-found levels of joy, radiant health and delight in having lives they love.

Whether you work together with Nikole one-on-one, in a group or travel with her on a Sacred Heart journey, your world will be beautifully transformed.

“Nikole receives inspiration from everywhere–including the land, ocean, animals, stars and beyond!”