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The Heart Of Magic – Private Sessions With Nikole Kadel

Working with the healing capacities she’s had since a young age, Nikole offers in-person and long-distance sessions where she bridges her knowing of what it’s like to be kissed by the cosmos while embraced by the Earth. She works with her clients to choose a life that is far greater than anything they every imagined possible. Nikole has a unique gift to listen to the body’s subtle whispers and know exactly where to take the energy. To her, it is the same as listening to the whisper of a tree by speaking the language of subtle energies. Her goal is to illuminate pathways for ease and joy.

“All the magic that I have discovered with in my own Being is available to each individual during my sessions. There is a spontaneous fire of love that burns away limitation and follows until all is clear. A uniting Heaven and Earth within the body. ”


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“Nikole has such a calm and soothing presence, which makes a session with her such a sublime experience. With that being said, it was quite easy just sitting with her and opening up to what needed to come forth. Her intuition and reading of my energy was completely spot on and she brought forth the information with such grace, gentleness and understanding. Nikole’s softness and purity of heart make her a true gem and an absolute joy to work with. Thank you, Nikole! ”

Karen U., Texas